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Do you know when people should go for an eye checkup? They go for eye checkup only when they have a headache for a long period, or they start to see things blur. This is one of the biggest problems with people because they can avoid this situation if they go for a regular checkup.

Only your eye doctor knows for sure: Eye disease is something which can be unnoticed for a long period. If you go for a regular checkup, then dentist performs some tests which give the idea that your eyes are healthy or not. They check a lot of things during the examination, such as visual acuity, depth perception, alignment, and moment. They also use eye drops so they can see inside the condition of the eye. Eye checkup can also spot another disease such as diabetes blood pressure, and so on.


With the regular eye checkup, you can save vision loss or blindness. Early treatment can save from any problems such as clouding of the lens, damage blood vessel in the eye, damage optic nerve, breakdown of light-sensitive tissue, and so on.

Start early: It would be a good idea if you start eye checkup in childhood because this can help you to identify the problem at an early stage if any.

Eye Exam: How often? There is no particular time, but you should get checkup one time every two years. You should get at least one check-up at the age between 3 to 5 year so you can identify the problem at an early stage.

Other reason to see your eye doctor: If you feel irritation, uneasiness or unnatural in your eyes so you should get an eye checkup. This can be defined as decreased vision, redness in the eye, eye pain, double vision, flashes of light, and so on.

Diabetes and your eyes: If you have diabetes, then you make sure that you visit at least one time in a year because diabetes leads to vision loss or blindness.

Looking ahead: If you don’t want to lose your vision, then a regular checkup would be the best option for you and you can get the checkup from Falcon Vision Centre.

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