CLEAR CARE® Plus Eye Care Professional Pack

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ClearCare Plus with HydraGlyde 

CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution deep cleans and disinfects your contact lenses, like no standard multipurpose solutions, with the bubbling power of hydrogen peroxide. 

CLEAR CARE® PLUS Solution also surrounds your lenses with long-lasting moisture

The Solution deep cleans your lenses with the power of peroxide, then neutralizes into a gentle saline solution — much like your own tears — but without the chemical preservatives found in multi-purpose solutions.

You can even see it working!  The bubbling action means the hydrogen peroxide is being neutralized into preservative-free saline.  The special case is designed with a metallic disc to do this step. 


  • You must use only the case that comes with the solution
  • Replace your case with each new bottle you receive
  • Soak your lenses for a minimum of 6 hours
  • Wash your hands before handling your lenses

ClearCare Plus with HydraGlyde - Eye Care Professional Packs include 2 large 250ml Bottles and 2 Cases and a small travel size bottle.